20 Things You Can Get Rid Of Today With No Regret

If you watched my segment today on KGW then you saw some of the items I think you can give away, throw away or recycle today with no regret. Here's the list:


1. Hotel/Free toiletries

2. Expired Medicines

3. Old Nailpolish

4. Old Perfume

5. Hair Brushes


1. Old Jewelry

2. SIngle socks or socks with holes

3. Old undershirts

4. Hats with no shape or you don't wear anymore

5. Old shoes


1. Appliances that don't work

2. Cookbooks you don't use

3. Old herbs & spices

4. Tupperware with no lids

5. Excess/old pots and pans


1. Books you've read or won't read

2. Old magazine

3. Half used notebooks

4. Electronics: old cords, old phones, battery chargers, etc.

5. Owners manuals: you can look online



I get asked all the time where to donate certain items. So I've put together a list of my tried and true. I'm also throwing in my handy man's info because we all need one of those. 

Kid Stuff:

Insights: https://insightstpp.org Insights will take most anything related to babies and children. Cribs, books, toys, formula, etc.


Tidal Wave Books: https://multcolib.org/library-location/title-wave-used-bookstore Tidal Wave accepts all books in good condition. They supply Multnomah County Libraries.

Household Items: 

Rebuilding Center: http://www.rebuildingcenter.org Have an old toilet, ceiling fan or window pane? Rebuilding center will take that. 

Community Warehouse: https://www.communitywarehouse.org Not only can you donate your bed frame and mattress, they'll also come and pick it up!


Annie Haul: http://www.anniehaul.com Annie Haul will take most anything you've got to give away. Not only that, they will also donate your items to various charities or recycle them.

Handy Man:

Crow's Foot Construction: Matt Boe 612-432-7280 crowsfootconstruction@gmail.com

Organizational Apps

From the show I did on KGW about the apps I like: 

1. Stuffstr: http://www.stuffstr.com
allows you to manage all the stuff in your house by making a list of what you have bought, and if you are not using an item it allows you to connect to various sites to donate or sell. 

2. 24me: http://www.twentyfour.me
Your calendar, to-do lists, personal accounts, and notes are centralized in one place, and your day-to-day errands are completed by one tap. Receive billing, event, and birthday reminders, or have the app pay your bills and send gifts to friends. The app even lets you know what time you should leave for your meeting based on current traffic.

3. LastPass: https://www.lastpass.com
The app securely stores all your usernames and passwords, which you can access using TouchID or with one master password. It can also autofill your information and help you generate strong passwords.

4. Evernote: https://evernote.com
Your projects, notes, to-do lists, and saved items from the Internet are all synced on Evernote, allowing you access on any of your devices. Ideas including sketches, text, audio recordings, videos, and PDFs are organized into notebooks, and you can even use your smartphone camera to scan documents. 

5. Habitlist: https://habitlist.com ($3.99)
With HabitList you set any habits you want to stick to such as drinking more water, publishing consistent social media posts, or even attending more social or networking events. Once you set your habit, you can decide how often you'd like to stick with it (Everyday? Once per month?) and HabitList keeps you motivated with streaks, trends, and progress tracking. This is great for any tasks you need to do consistently and the positive reinforcement can make your routine and mundane tasks more enjoyable.

6. Zither:  Keep all your owners manuals and warranties in one place with Zither.


I've been thinking a lot about abundance lately. Depending on how you characterize abundance it can either be a blessing or a curse. 

By definition, abundance means a very large quantity of something. But for me, that something has morphed from the tangible to the intangible. 


I'm not going to lie, I enjoy pretty things. I can't go to Target without thinking that my life would be better with that cute new throw pillow. But after years of seeing how "stuff" controls so much  time and energy in peoples lives, I have come to appreciate how not having an abundance of stuff has made my quality of life so much better. 

My sense of abundance now comes from the ease I feel in my body after having a morning filled with time and laughter because I am not chasing down socks, backpacks and water bottles getting my kids ready for school. My sense of abundance comes from my ability to sit and enjoy a quite moment on the weekends because I'm not managing the "stuff" in my house. I read books, I play games and sometimes I just do nothing. It's amazing!

If there is one thing I hope I can teach people while I'm here is that life is better with less stuff. Less stuff to clean, less stuff to put away, less stuff to lose. An abundance of time to fill anyway you want. Give it a try!


Often times I tell people that organizing is like dieting. It takes discipline to shed the pounds and it takes disciple to keep it off. Organized living is the same way. You can get rid of the clutter but it takes daily discipline to keep it organized.

Here are my top 4 habits for daily organizing:

1. Make your bed. This small step will make you feel automatically more organized

2. Do a simple sweep through you house each night and put things back where they belong. Waking up to a clear dining table will do a lot for your mood. 

3. Clean up the kitchen each night. Waking up to a kitchen full of dishes is never fun.

4. Create a to-do list for the next day each night. This will set you up for success tomorrow!