I get asked all the time where to donate certain items. So I've put together a list of my tried and true. I'm also throwing in my handy man's info because we all need one of those. 

Kid Stuff:

Insights: Insights will take most anything related to babies and children. Cribs, books, toys, formula, etc.


Tidal Wave Books: Tidal Wave accepts all books in good condition. They supply Multnomah County Libraries.

Household Items: 

Rebuilding Center: Have an old toilet, ceiling fan or window pane? Rebuilding center will take that. 

Community Warehouse: Not only can you donate your bed frame and mattress, they'll also come and pick it up!


Annie Haul: Annie Haul will take most anything you've got to give away. Not only that, they will also donate your items to various charities or recycle them.

Handy Man:

Crow's Foot Construction: Matt Boe 612-432-7280