20 Things You Can Get Rid Of Today With No Regret


If you watched my segment today on KGW then you saw some of the items I think you can give away, throw away or recycle today with no regret. Here's the list:


1. Hotel/Free toiletries

2. Expired Medicines

3. Old Nailpolish

4. Old Perfume

5. Hair Brushes


1. Old Jewelry

2. SIngle socks or socks with holes

3. Old undershirts

4. Hats with no shape or you don't wear anymore

5. Old shoes


1. Appliances that don't work

2. Cookbooks you don't use

3. Old herbs & spices

4. Tupperware with no lids

5. Excess/old pots and pans


1. Books you've read or won't read

2. Old magazine

3. Half used notebooks

4. Electronics: old cords, old phones, battery chargers, etc.

5. Owners manuals: you can look online