Countdown To Back-To-School

Here is Portland we still have a week to go until school starts. So it's about now that I start honing my list of to-do's before the big day. 

Here's my list:


1. Organize School Supplies: 

This year I ordered my kid's school supplies off of Amazon. I normally love to stroll the isles of Target and pick out everything they need for the new year.  But now that they are in middle school, forget it. I'd have to go to three different stores to find all the specific pen tips they ask for. Really, extra fine? So once all the boxes came I spent the morning (30 minutes) sorting what each kid needs in their individual binder and what goes into the community bag. Each child now has a backpack that's ready and a grocery bag to hand over on day 1. 

2. Sort Through Clothes:

Time to get rid of all those torn up shorts and worn out tennis shoes. Make a list of what each child needs to complete their wardrobe and head to the shops!

3. Return All Library Books: 

Summer reading has come to an end. Round up all those loose library books and return them.

That's it! Do this three things and you'll be on your way to a stress free day 1 of school.

Good luck!

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