Three Things I Do The Day Before School Starts

It's almost here! School starts tomorrow and I'm a little bit excited. 

I thought I never wanted summer to end but the constant picking up of granola bar wrappers, dirty socks and wet towels have me longing for a day without kids in the house.

Photo Credit: PopSugar

Photo Credit: PopSugar

So, today here are the three things I do to make tomorrow a successful morning:

1. Do ALL The Laundry. And by this I mean wash, fold and PUT AWAY all your kids clothes. 

2. Clean The House. It has nothing to do with school but I feel better starting the week with a clean house.

3. Meal Prep For The Week of Lunches. This means I've made a dinner plan for the week, done the shopping and now I am prepping snacks, etc. for lunches so all I have to do in the morning is make the main sandwich. 

Good luck everyone! Treat yourself to a mimosa after drop-off!


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