Home Organizing

Whether it's your entire house, a packed garage, or a kitchen pantry, I will help you clear the clutter and create a beautiful space that's easy to maintain and enjoyable to live in. Clutter actually causes anxiety and your home or your workspaces should feel calming and welcoming. We have worked with families, professionals, single young adults, and Grandparents to declutter, organize and clean out spaces that have too many items. The results have been incredible, mentally and physically, for our clients and we are not afraid to tackle your spaces, big or small. Check out some of our before and after photos here and follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates. 

Moving Services

Are you moving into a new house, apartment, retail space or office? Whether you're getting ready to move or have already filled the U-Haul, I can help organize your packing and move you into your new space with ease. Getting set up in your new digs should feel fun and exciting, not distressing. Some clients have had small children or have to start their new job immediately and simply don't have the time or mental resources to get moved in efficiently without stress and a lack of sleep. Simple Sweep can unpack, get organized, and help declutter items that maybe have run their course or don't fit into the new space. We haul away recycling and trash so you don't have to worry about it. We can also donate and at times, sell items for you that still have value. Walking into your new home, office or apartment will feel like an oasis once we've worked our magic. 


Getting ready to sell? I can help you prep your home for selling by minimizing the items you own or have in the house, stage your home with existing furniture and items, and then, eventually help you pack it all up once you've sold your home over asking in this strong real estate market. Staging alone can cost around $3000 and my philosophy is that you shouldn't have to purchase new items to stage your home or get it organized.  With professional organizing from Simple Sweep, your prep for sale, staging, and eventually moving and moving in to your new home or apartment will be efficient, lighter and easier and will allow you to maintain your lifestyle while selling your house. Moving doesn't have to be painful and overwhelming. We love helping our clients and realtors with this stage of life. 



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