Michaela has actually changed my life. She completely decluttered my whole house so we could prepare for a move and stage the house. With small children and a husband that travels for work, we would have never been able to accomplish what she did in just a few short days. Thanks to her, we were able to list our house quickly and received multiple offers because it looked amazing. I can’t wait to have Michaela help us move into our new home.
— Maggie, seattle


01 | Office Organizing

If you need help with your filing system, your billing system or your paper management, I can help.

02 | Kitchen Organizing

Is your tupperware drawer a jumbled mess? Do you have bottoms but no tops? Is your pantry full of little baggies from the bulk food aisle? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need my help. I can organize your pantry, spices, drawers and cabinets. I'll probably even save you a few bucks by finding some  treasures in the back of your pantry.

03 | Closet Organizing

Whether you need to get ready for the new season or just have someone tell you that you will never, ever, ever, (cue Taylor Swift song) wear that again, I can make organizing your closet a fun-filled event.

04 | Garage Organizing

You know you have a rake in there somewhere right? Call me, I can make you want to have a tea party in your garage.

05 | Basement Organizing

That's not a monster under the stairs, it's just your old inflatable mattress that you've been looking for. Basements are a wonderful thing. Let me get yours organized so you can fully appreciate what that extra room was meant for.

06 | Staging & Moving Services

Buying and selling a home can be stressful to say the least. If you talk to a Realtor they will most likely tell you that you need to move out about half of your stuff to get your house staged for showing.  I help calm the chaos by sorting through the clutter, getting rid of old items you won't be taking with you, and ultimately make your life a whole lot easier come moving day. 


  • Stage your home and make it picture perfect for potential buyers.

  • Weed through your stuff before you pack so you don’t have to move things you don’t need.

  • Organize packing for an easy transition to your new space.

06 B | MOVING IN :

  • Prepare your new home for move in day.

  • Unpack boxes and arrange new spaces.

  • Organize kitchen, closets, garage, office, etc.